"Practicing braiding, symmetry and partings... style achieved with Original Blends Styling Gel!" - Styles by Pippa 
"Thank you Original Blends, I'm obsessed and E loves getting his hair done in the morning!" - Haley, Business of Blonde
"I really like the way it feels going on, it's not too sticky like other gels and it does smell great." - Jesus.
"Original Blends keeps my hair in place all day long. I love that it doesn't leave a sticky residue on my hands or hairline! It also makes my hair smell so good!" - Carrie M. 
 "We love this gel and love the smell! I feel so much better using an all natural product! Our boys are obsessed!" - Laurie Olsen
 "Original Blends Styling Gel is alcohol free, smells totally divine,has NO stickiness, controls those pesky flyaways all while protecting and leaving the hair with a gorgeous shine." - Styles By Pippa
 "I secured the hair wonderfully using Original Blends Styling Gel! The gel held the hair so well. Usually, I get so many little hairs flipping out, but today all the hair was perfectly in place. LOVE!" - Little Red Braids
 "Quick shout out to Original Blends Styling Gel for Wyatt's new hairdo! He needed a new look as wild and crazy as he is so the natural choice...#mohawk." - Kandice from A Cotton Kandi Life
"Thank you Original Blends Styling Gel for this sweet moment! My boys are loving your soft, gentle styling gel and I'm loving the memories it's creating between them. Also, it smells amazing."  - Stephanie from Honestly Mommy
 "Original Blends is great! I love the way it smells and how my son's hair is always so soft after using it!" - Carrie M.
"Original Blends is great! My little surfer dude gets to rock his long hair while having it out of his face. I also love that it's safe to use on my children!" - Libby P.
"Original Blends has made my mornings SO much easier! I can style my own hair and my little dude's at the same time! I love that it's alcohol free!"  -Conner S.
Salo celebrated his 2nd birthday while rocking some Original Blends! - Marcel C. Mother of four
 "I love this hair gel. It never feels sticky and holds my hair so well. I can do a full workout and my hair stays perfectly in place." - Maureen R. Mom of six
 "Using a commercial gel for my daughter's hairstyle was expensive as I had to put a lot of product on then follow up with spray which at the end of the day created a white flaky finish. I picked up Original Blends Styling Gel at Sprout's one day and upon using it I noticed that with just a little gel I was able to comb her comfortably and she did not complain as she had from the previous products I used. She came back from school and although she was a little disheveled, it was minimal and her hair looked clean! Buying Original Blends has been great. I will gladly recommend and also use from now on. I heard about this product from the Lady Multitask group."
 "I love it! It kept B's hair in place, didn't leave her hair looking greasy but added shine to it! Not to mention it smells amazing and doesn't have any harsh chemicals or alcohol. If you're looking for a new gel to try, pop on over to Original Blends and take a look at this product!" - Brianna's Braids
 "Hands down, best gel I have ever used! Smells amazing and not sticky! Wouldn't use anything else on my kids." - Jacky B. Mom of three
 "As a Dance Mom I wouldn't be able to get them ready without Original Blends Styling Gel." - Jackie C. Mom of three (including one teenager)

 Mom says "I love the scent, the texture, that it doesn't leave flakes, and that it lasts all day." -Marcel C. Mom of four 

"I LOVE the gel! The hold is fantastic, and when I slept in it (because I shower in the morning) my hair was SO soft in the morning! It was not greasy or sticky!" -Samantha C. College Student

 "Dude, get your gel on!" - Chase C. College Student



 "I love this hair gel because it holds all day and smells great!" - Carol S. Mom of three